Engaged For a Month

So, I have been engaged for a month now! And I havn’t been posting like I promised… In fact, I havn’t been blogging about anything like I promised…

School has been more busy than I thought, but that is besides the point. We have started to plan the Wedding quite a bit. I’ll tell you what we have: July 13th, we are getting married in our hometown, we sent out some safe-the-dates, we have our wedding colors, and many other small things (she even has her wedding dress, I can’t wait to see it!). We have alot of stuff done, but we still need to figure some stuff out.

I have to say, if there is one thing I have realized, its that I don’t know how to plan wedding, haha. I havn’t been alot of help, but I want to be. I don’t really know what to do. But I love being a part of the planning process, even if I am not how to. I think it is a ridiculous when guys have this stigma that they don’t want to help plan at all and that its all the girl’s job. Because it is both of our wedding and it should be a special day that we both plan. It is the hallmark for the rest of our life together, kinda.

Besides wedding planning, it is really fun being able to have a fiance now instead of just a girlfriend! I know not a lot has changed, but I think it has changed in a sense since we know we will be married soon. One of the hardest things I have noticed about it is waiting! At least before we were engaged (even though we were still already planning on marriage some day), it seemed like some distant future thing. Now that we actually have a date that is like 5 months away it is super exciting! So it is like a constant anticipation. I find myself constantly thinking about the fact that I can call her my wife soon, that I will be her husband. We will live together, eat together, do life together! I cannot express how much it has changed my thought process, because that is constantly on my mind.

Anyways, that is just to catch you up on some of the way this has been turning out. So hopefully I will actually hold true to my word about blogging and start blogging more. Then I can get into more specific stuff, talk about what I am thinking in the ups and downs. But for now hopefully this makes sense because I wrote it all right before going to sleep and I didn’t double check anything!

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