I’m an Adult!

I feel like I should really rename my blog like “procrastinating from blogging” or something like that. Honestly, I feel like thats all I ever talk about. So the real question is, am I really too busy or am I just lazy…?

Instead of just talking about that though, let me just get right to it. Obviously, alot of things have probably changed since it has been like half a year. For starters, I am a college graduate now. Woo! I don’t have may paper yet though, so I’m not sure if that means I’m not really a real college graduate. Also, I have a real job now. I got a job with a business where I produce videos to market their products. Last but not least, I am getting married in one week!!!

So in a week I will be on my honeymoon with my amazing new wife. Then After that I will be back home in Oshkosh, then I will be moving into my new apartment in a couple weeks. Its like I am a real adult!!!

Anyways, thats all my life right now. Besides that, I have a few other things to talk about. For one, I have been watching the TV show Supernatural a ton. I also caught up with Breaking Bad. And I started watching Game of Thrones (I’m only to like episode 5 of this though). What I have been watching the most of is Supernatural – I’d say its a pretty awesome TV show. I am right at the end of season 5. I don’t like talking about TV shows too much though because I’m afraid to give away any spoilers. All you need to know is, you should watch this. Eric Kripke is pretty cool. Thats why I have to get caught up on Revolution too. I heard that Kripke left Supernatural i season 6 though, so I am not super excited to see what happens to the show then.

I don’t like blabbering that much. So I’m gonna cut it off about right now. I hope to write more, and soon I will have plenty to write about. I will soon be a married man!!! Only 7 more days!

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