I moved (…to a new domain)!

So, as many of you know (because I have so many readers and followers) I useto be colmonkey.wordpress.com. If you are observant, than you will notice that I am actually now at colmonkey.andrewthoman.com. andrewthoman.com is my online porfolio/personal website, so I decided to put my blog on my own domain. This is exciting for me, and for you! Because now I can add any widgets I want and any themes (I can even write my own widgets and layout!).

All in all, this is just a simple move. I figured if I was ever going to my my blog, I should do it now. Before I start blogging alot. So that way, by the time I start blogging alot and maybe a couple people are following my blog, they will not have to be confused by a domain move.

So for now on, look forward to this being my new url (colmonkey.andrewthoman.com), which is easy to remember because it is just my name. Also, hopefully look forward to more blog posts, since now I am not scared to post alot.



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