Thursday Night Boxing

“This thursday night boxing champ” – Facebook

Still undefeated in Thursday night boxing with my roommates. Along with our Thursday night boxing, we make sure to have Friday night dance offs and Sunday night sing-alongs as well. Never a dull moment in this house. I make sure to stay the reigning champion in this house.

This is good quality family bonding time at its finest. Living in a house with 4 other guys, living the dream every minute. We don’t waste any time at all, from spending the late hours watching Prison Break and The Walking Dead to spending the day discussing our ideologies on theology and politics, it doesn’t get old. I figure I couldn’t think of many other good ways to spend my college days.

At times, thinking college life is a waste because I have better things I could be doing, living the excitement with the other guys of the house makes it very worth while. Well, this is how we live. For being my first real blog post, this sure is random. I figure, I will just write random thoughts that come to mind until I get bored. It doesn’t help that I am watching TV as I am writing this though, because I can’t focus on my writing then. Anything to procrastinate from my homework I guess. Have a lot of homework do to . . . the best solution is obviously to watch TV and blog!