Last Semester of Undergraduate Studies

This is my last semester at UWO as a Radio/TV/Film student… well, that I know of (I guess I could fail a class or something). Anyways, I figured it has been a while since I have blogged about nothing. Alot of things obviously are quickly progressing in my life, so I have more to talk about, like the fact that I’m getting married this summer, I’m doing an internship, and I’m graduating this Spring.

So far so good this semester, I don’t have too much homework as of yet. And I think even though I have a bit of senioritis (or however you’d spell that) towards certain things, overall I’m pretty motivated where it matters – my work. I have been really good at not procrastinating on like anything this semester – and I mean anything. I have been getting my readings done, my homework done, yeah… I’m a straight up baller when it comes to school. I think one variable that really aids to this fact is I really enjoy the topics of my classes this semester: Religion and Television, Advertising for TV/Radio, New Media Theory and Practice, and Women and Religion are all interesting classes. Then I have a couple more on top of that; I need to finish my Spanish, because my degree is a Bachelor of Arts. I love learning Spanish, but I am so bad at it! Also I am taking outgoing career prep for RTF (radio/TV/film) students. And last but not least, I am taking Comprehensive Study Skills!

The last semester of my college life (until grad school) and I am taking Study Skills! Nice. Obviously this is because I needed one more credit to graduate, but its alright cause the class is easy. And who knows, maybe it will be beneficial in Grad School (probably not, because its all common sense). But speaking of that, I really need to get working on applying to grad schools. If you didn’t know, I really want to get my PhD in Theology. I am a bit lax as of right now though, because my fiance has a semester left of school, so I am going to take a year off from school and just work. But I need to get working on deciding what school I want; right now I have it narrowed down to like five schools: Chicago Divinity, Vanderbilt, Fuller, Yale, and Princeton. I did have a professor recommend to me Harvard the other day, I don’t know if would be up my alley, but I figure I should look into it anyone – who knows, maybe I’ll love it. To be honest, I’m not too invested in Yale, Princeton, or Harvard right now. But I’m not sure, maybe after more research in the schools I’ll change my mind.

All in all, life is moving fast. We’ll see where I go. For now, I am just taking it one step at a time, trying to enjoy it while I’m here.

Its a New Week!

The new week has started. After a long hard weekend of work, finally the week is here. It is almost enjoyable knowing the week is starting just because I know it means it is that much closer to the next weekend. I find it odd about myself, how I am always looking forward to something else. To be content is definitely a difficult task. From small things to big things, it feels like everything is just pushing forward to the impending doom of being over so that something new can start.

Most of all, I think school is the most difficult to be content in. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in school, I love academia; it is just the feeling of knowing that I am practically trapped here and I need to finish before I can start something else. That is probably why it is hard for me to be content – I am too much of a spontaneous person.  So the feeling of having a task with a deadline, or having something that needs to be finished (i.e. my bachelors degree) is a very demoralizing feeling. I am close though, I can taste the finish line. I am coming up to my last semester in the Spring. Hopefully it will by my last, that is – if I do choose to add a second major to my degree, that will be another whole semester. Decisions make it even more difficult to deal with. Not only do I have to wait to be done with school, but I have to choose whether or not I need to wait longer. Overall, I think the real question is if its worth it.

I often look at my college career wondering if it has been worth it. I know I have made a lot of good friends and I have experienced a lot being here. At the same time, I can’t shake the feeling that I could be doing something more worth my while. I would rather be out in the world making some sort of difference now instead of waiting for my school to be done. At the same time, with more education I may be of more use. Often I hear people say how “we cannot really impact or change the world so why try.” I beg to differ though, I think that is exactly the reason there are problems. Anyways, I am getting too serious for right now, I will put that topic on the back burner for another time. All in all, I would just like to feel like I am not totally wasting my time at school, I need to be a part of something radically different.

Fighting Zombies

The Walking Dead

Sometimes you just want to fight some zombies. I’ve been in the zombie fighting mood all day. Perhaps that is because I have been watching The Walking Dead a lot recently. I have a very bad television addiction. That’s beside the point though, zombies are the topic at hand. It is a crazy subject because there are so many different types of zombies. I mean, there are your standard Dawn of the Dead zombies, where they are just people that are able to operate still even though they are dead. And there are your Resident Evil zombies who are controlled by parasites. On the other hand, there are those hybrid vampire zombie things from I am Legend. So many zombies to choose from, which one do I want to be!?

Anyways, so it is like Halloween outside or something like that, because there are monsters all over the place. So my zombie killing kick isn’t the best feeling to have right now. It is part of living on a college campus, I guess, people wandering around like zombies every weekend. I don’t really understand how they put up with the cold though, it’s practically snowing out. I have to give them credit though, they’re out living large as I am in finishing my homework I have been putting off.

The weekend is coming to a close, and it has been well spent. My commentary on my life, (or my blog) whatever you choose to call it, has already proven to be a good time consumer for me. I find myself constantly thinking of what I would like to write about. I don’t find too many things of that much interest, mainly because school is in the way of me being able to do anything. Hopefully I can continue reading soon, finish many books that are on my to-read list. Until then, I will just keep writing about stuff of great interest – nothing.