I’m Engaged! The Proposal Story

Andy and Megan showing off their new engagement.

Me and my beautiful Fiancé!

So here is a concise version of how it all happened…

I wanted our engagement to be something special, but not cheesy. I wanted it to be personal but not a repeat of some other date. I also wanted to keep it simple so it would be about us and not about the flashy stuff around. So here’s how it went.

First, I have already asked her parents previously and have their blessing. So I had the go ahead, I already have the ring, next I need a way to present the proposal. It is the end of December in southern Wisconsin, so it is cold but beautiful outside. I pick the park that Megan and I were at when we officially started dating to be the place to ask her.

It is the night before I ask, so I go to scope out the park. There is snow everywhere, so I know I will need to shovel some in the morning. Come next morning I go to the park and shovel a pathway to the same spot where we started dating and I shovel off the pick-nick table and sweep it clean too.

Now I go home and prepare some custom hot chocolate (I obviously previously had gotten the ingredients). I looked up a few different tips and recipes online to make really good hot chocolate so it is not just your average every day premade mix. The hot chocolate turns out pretty good, in my opinion.

I had previously invited Megan to go on a walk so that we could have a small date before we go back to school. So before she gets to my house I hide the hot chocolate in the car and heat it up. When she arrives we leave for the park. It is cold outside, so we stay inside the car for a little bit to stay warm, and we read some Proverbs. Proverbs 30 to be exact. After reading some I ask her if she wants to go for a walk. Megan agrees, but when we get out of the car I have the grab the hot chocolate and oreos. She is pleasantly surprised because she likes surprises.

We walk over to the table, she has noticed that I might have been the one to clear it off, so she is pretty impressed at this point. After having some hot chocolate we sit down to just talk and hang out. At this point, I want to trick her to keep her surprised to the very last second but I also want to tell her why she is so special to me before I ask her to marry me. So I use the excuse of apologizing. I start to apologize that we cannot get married any time soon, so in addition to my apology I tell her all the reasons why I will ask her “some day.”

She takes this all in well, and I don’t think she suspects anything. So I start pretending to see something in the distance, she notices I am looking at something so she starts to look that way too. After she looks away, I use this opportunity to quick grab the ring out of my pocket and get on my knee! She turns around and I am on one knee with the ring open and I ask her if she would spend the rest of her life with me!

She is very excited and says yes right away. But I am not done, I explain to her the Proverb we read in the car was not entirely random, but there were specific verses in there I wanted her to hear verses 18-19. “There are three things that amaze me— no, four things that I don’t understand . . . how a man loves a woman.” I tell her how I am still amazed at how in love with her I am. I explain to her that before I met her I never knew I could feel this way about another person. I don’t think I will ever be able to express how much I love her. And that is why I want to spend the rest of my life with Megan, and that is how I asked her to spend her life with me.

Back to blogging and New Beginnings

So it has been a very long while since I have actually posted here… Basically, I made the excuse that it was finals week. Then I wanted to rest. Then I just kind of kept putting it off…

Picture of sparks and flames

Sparks And Flames by Bobby Mikul

Anyways, I am back and hopefully will be more active now. I have decided to change up my format a little bit so that I will have the freedom to write more. I think one of the reasons I stopped posting is because I was trying to be consistent with my formatting and what not, so it made it much more work than fun. I want this blog to be more where I can just rant. So I have decided that my new blog posts will not have any real set consistencies except for a few categorical ones… Basically I am just going to try to give myself the freedom to write as much or as little as I want. Before I was always waiting until I had something to write a page amounts worth. The problem is when I had something I was too tired to write, by the time I wasn’t tired I had forgotten about it.

So, to catch you up on my life, I actually have much to talk about. This also relates to how I am going to change the way I run my blog. First off, I am engaged!

Andy and Megan showing off their new engagement.

Me and my beautiful Fiancé!

Over Christmas break I got engaged. This is one new component I am going to add to my blog. I am going to have a category all about my engagement, and hopefully into my marriage and forever. This will be fun because it will track my way of thinking and the changes in my life that I see specifically relevant because of my new soon-to-be married life. So if you want to read how I proposed and more about all that jazz, I will post that soon and place the link right here! Moreover, I am doing an internship now! I am interning in youth ministry at the Church I go to here in Oshkosh. So that will be a big change in my life and add a lot of excitement hopefully. This also is slightly related to my new category I am going to start writing about my theological ramblings. Sadly, since I am doing this internship, more is changing in my life. I will be stepping down from leadership in my InterVarsity chapter on my campus. The chapter is awesome! I just won’t have enough time to do both. In addition to all of those changes, this is my last semester (as long as I don’t fail any classes)! Meaning I will graduate soon and I will need a real job!

It’s like I am becoming a real adult all at once… I feel like I should pretend to be more mature or something along that matter.

Picture of glasses laying on an open Bible

Book And Glasses by Darren Lewis

Hopefully I will have a lot to blog about now, so I can keep this going. I will continue to ramble about random stuff here, I will start blogging about my engagement-marriage experience, and I will start to specifically blog about my theological/philosophical thoughts.Who knows, maybe I will even post more jokes in my joke section? All in all, that’s pretty much all the major changes in my life. Here’s to a happy new year and a revitalized blog!

I swear,  I will start proof reading these when I get less lazy!