Playing Games

I learned a new game today called “drug dealer” or something like that. This makes me wonder why I find certain games enjoyable and certain games boring. I had fun tonight playing games, but there are definitely times from the past where I have been bored playing games. It is odd that people are entertained by different things. What in the human mind determines whether something is pleasurable or not. It makes me think of when I was younger, how many hours upon hours I wasted playing video games. Why don’t people find productive things to be the most enjoyable? This thought reminds me of another concept that I often wonder about, can anyone be friends, or do friends have to be compatible.

Often times I have gotten into debates about what makes a friendship. I think it is very fair to think that anyone is a potential friend. On the other hand, there are certainly people who share interests that seem to be more compatible to be friends. This makes me wonder though, is this really friendship. If someone’s purpose of having a friend is solely pleasure, it is totally selfish. A friend should care about the other people, not only because they share interests, but because it is another human that he/she shares life with. If I were to define friendship, I would define it as “people who share life together.” I do not think that people need to be similar or even have common interests to share life; they just need to value each other. All in all, I think this topic requires a longer discourse than this here. Friendship is definitely a topic worth taking the time to think about, it is something I have thought about a lot after making so many new friends at school.

I have been in college for a while now. Most of my friends here, I have known for a while, but not as long as I have known my friends from back home. If I have learned one thing about friendship in school, I have learned it takes a lot of energy. I think it makes sense; you need to invest into people if you want some sort of return (i.e. a friendship). Since being here at school, I have met several people. It is an odd thing to be a part of different friend groups. My friends mean a lot to me, and all of them are unique in their own ways. One thing I need to continue to learn how to do; I need to learn how to be a better friend myself to repay the friends I have.