Kyle Kohl: A Great Man

Kohl, Thoman, and Walters at the phone bank

from left to right,
Chris Walters, Andy Thoman, Kyle Kohl

Kyle Kohl, otherwise known as the Gandhi of professional wrestling, is one of the most influential people who have ever existed. There are several reasons why one could argue that Kohl is perhaps the best person alive, but none as good as the argument that he is simply really handsome. That’s not it though, there is no end to the number of feats he has under his belt – his black belt.

Aside from being extremely attractive and being superb in the martial arts, Kohl has contributed to his community in his short two hundred and sixty-five months on this earth more than most have in a life time. At the age of sixteen, Kohl was the youngest person ever to receive the Noble Prize in Chemistry. He received his noble prize for his amazing advancements in sewage waste treatment. His research is estimated to have saved the lives of literally millions of people. Perhaps every single person has been affected by Kohl’s life because of this simple fact. Not only had that, before receiving his noble prize, Kohl achieved his Ph.D by the age of only thirteen. That is quicker than Doogie Howser was able to achieve his Doctorate of Medicine.  Kohl studied astrophysics for two years, until he decided to switch to Theoretical Chemistry Engineering and finished his dissertation in 2004. Overall, Kohl has proved himself to be a tremendous influence to the field of Chemistry in a whole, and has given back to the world through his selfless studies.

One would think that Kohl had achieved enough in life already. This was not true for him. Even at the age of eight, he had been in his local newspaper several times for such things as: saving babies from drowning, giving motivational speeches, raising huge amounts of money for numerous non-profits, and the list goes on forever. One aspect of Kohl’s life that is very notable is that of his high school career. Though he had already achieved multiple masters degrees and his Ph.D, he decided he wanted to live a normal teenage life. During his high school career, he was able to bring his football team to state as the quarterback and kicker, and win ten different national awards for forensics. During his involvement at Model UN at his school, many world leaders would attend their meetings to try to inquire of how Kohl operated in his decision making processes and how he interacted with others. Finally, after graduating high school he decided he would grace the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh by going for a four year degree.

While at UWO, Kohl has managed to blend in with the crowd by looking like an average college student. Appearances are deceiving though, because Kohl continues to be heavily involved: with the college radio station (WRST-FM), Film Society, Titan TV, and Residence Life. One of his previous residents, Joseph Peralta, said of him, “He is by far the best CA [Community Advisor] on campus.” Not only that, Kohl continues to hold up a 4.3 on a 4.0 grading scale. Kohl does not make the Dean’s list; it is the chancellor that makes the Kohl list.

Overall, there is no argument that Kyle Kohl may be one of the most influential persons to ever walk the face of the earth. There are so many ways that he has managed to help others around him, and even impact so many more people than he will ever understand. This one goes out to you, Kyle Kohl, Gandhi of Wrestling.